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No, really.

“Really, the `Padres Group,’” he said. “We want the attention and spotlight to be on a great product on the field. We’re going to be supportive and do everything we can to bring that down to San Diego. We’re a bunch of Padres up here.”

That’s why Selig & Co. were supportive.

“This group knows what it takes to compete,” Selig said. “They’re very optimistic. I’m optimistic. I’ve gone over their projections, gone over everything. I think their projections are optimistic, but realistic. This is a good day for baseball.

“I think Padres fans have a right to be very happy today _ very happy.”

San Diego fans hope a change in owners can energize the Padres, who regularly have had one of baseball’s lowest payrolls and have largely struggled since reaching the 1998 World Series. The Padres are 52-67 this season and sit in fourth place in the NL West.

“It’s a great day for the Padres. It’s a great day for the organization. It’s a great day for the city,” Padres manager Bud Black said. “I think the Seidler family, the O’Malley family, Ron Fowler, these guys coming on board, it’s fantastic.

“It’s the start of an era of new ownership, which I think is a very positive thing. It’s great.”

The agreement with the new group came months after Jeff Moorad’s attempt to buy the team on a layaway plan collapsed. Moores‘ deal with Moorad, who began his attempted purchase of the club in 2009, was valued at about $500 million. Moores‘ divorce forced him to put the team on the market in 2009.

Selig said it’s going to be difficult to say farewell to Moores.

“I saw him this morning and I got very emotional,” Selig said. “John did a lot of wonderful things for baseball. Very helpful for me, during a time when things weren’t, frankly, as great as they are right now. I know it’s the right thing for him to do. Believe me, I like John Moores a lot. He did a lot for this sport _ a lot.”

Selig was amazed at the ease with which this deal got approved by the owners. The vote was over in no time.

“There’s always a little bit of a problem here or a problem there,” Selig said. “The San Diego group is terrific.

“They were very cooperative. They came in and had all of their work done. It was just easy. There was no other way to say it, it was just easy.”

The price for this sale was inflated thanks to a deal with Fox and the recent sale of the Dodgers for $2 billion.

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