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A second term for Mr. Obama would mean higher taxes, more wasteful spending and an even greater dependency on big government. It also would mean attacks on job creators and small business owners, who’ve been told “you didn’t build that” by President Obama, would continue. Simply put, we can’t afford four more years of this president’s destructive policies.

Mr. Romney, on the other hand, understands how the private sector works. He turned around struggling companies, built successful businesses, and created jobs. Now he has courageously chosen in Paul Ryan a bold reformer to partner with him to jump-start the economy and restore America’s greatness.

The Romney-Ryan ticket understands that a strong America is dependent upon a financially sound America. With a financially sound America comes new jobs and more take home pay for all Americans.

Just days after he was sworn into office in 2009, Mr. Obama said if he didn’t turn the economy around in three years, “then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.” It’s time to take him up on that offer. The Romney-Ryan comeback team is just the ticket to do it.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican, is a former 2012 GOP presidential candidate.