- The Washington Times - Monday, August 20, 2012


Either Washington Times reporter Seth McLaughlin, who wrote “Vet of 1990s welfare shift faults both sides in clash” (Web, Wednesday) is a closet liberal, or he is poorly informed about the political leanings of various think tanks around Washington. Otherwise, he would not have presented the views of a representative of the Brookings Institution (Ron Haskins) as unbiased comments on the dispute between the Democrats and Republicans on the president’s rewriting of the welfare reform law.

As anyone who has been here in Washington even a few months knows, the Brookings Institution is essentially an arm of the Democratic Party, and while they try to maintain a facade of objectivity, they almost invariably back the Democratic position. So it is no wonder Mr. Haskins gave the impression that the Republicans are as much at fault as the Democrats. If Mr. McLaughlin wanted to do an honest article on the subject he should have gone to the Heritage Foundation in addition to or instead of the Brookings Institution.


Laurel, Md.



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