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For now, Johnson said the 24-year-old isn’t thinking about the innings limit.

“He’s pretty focused,” the manager said. “He’s not concerned about when; he’s just going to take the ball when we give it to him.”

Division priority

Given Major League Baseball’s addition of a second wild card in each league, there’s a greater importance put on a team capturing its division. Now, the wild cards face off in a one-game playoff, while the division winners get to sit back and wait.

“There’s really more pressure on you to win your division. There’s 10 times more pressure,” Johnson said Monday. “[The second-place Braves] know it. Getting the wild card before, you’re in the playoffs. Now you get the wild card and you’ve got a one-game playoff and that puts you really behind the eight-ball because you’ll probably use your best pitcher in that one-game playoff.”

Shortstop Ian Desmond said the Nats aren’t at all worried about thinking that far ahead. But with a seven-game lead on Atlanta going into Tuesday night’s game, it’s becoming easier to envision an NL East pennant hanging at Nationals Park.

“I think everybody knows the advantages of winning the division. Winning the wild card isn’t in our minds,” Chad Tracy said. “We’re here to win this thing and I don’t think anybody in here’s probably even thought about being a wild-card team. We’re here to win this thing, and that’s what we plan on doing.”

September call-ups

If winning the division is thinking too far ahead, perhaps Sept. 1 and the expansion from 25-man rosters to 40 is a little better.

Johnson expects the Nats to call up five or six players in September.

“The majority of them, if not all of them, will have been here,” he said. “Maybe one exception. But we had him in the spring.”

Lannan and outfielder Corey Brown figure to be on the list, along with possibilities such as infielder Anthony Rendon and pitchers Yunesky Maya and Christian Garcia. Garcia is not on the 40-man roster, but the club has one more spot it can use.