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For a driver seated behind the four-spoke steering wheel, the view through the huge wraparound windshield is marvelous - if you can get past the 130 mph speedometer.

Commonplace now, but luxuries half a century ago, are the power steering, power windows, power brakes, power seats, four courtesy lights and backup lights. The AM radio broadcasts through an under-dashboard speaker as well as a rear-seat speaker.

Mr. Grove likes to quote pioneer auto reviewer Tom McCahill who wrote in Popular Mechanics in his report on the 1956 Lincoln: ‘It has enough torque to yank the Empire State Building up by the roots.’

‘This car has always had great style,’ Mr. Grove says as the odometer on his Lincoln approaches 105,000 miles.

After all these years of work, his Lincoln now is reliable. ‘I just put gas in the tank and go,’ he says.