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Concert: Rock & Roll Relics

The Rock & Roll Relics try not to take themselves too seriously. The fun starts with their names: “Golden Girl” Gail Chiappone and “Couch Potato” Chip Chiappone, “Pension” Pete Storm, Bill “Broadway Willie” Miskell. But don’t let their tongue-in-cheek demeanor, goofy getups and hokey self-branding (“Music from Another Millennium”) fool you. The Rock & Roll Relics play rock ‘n’ roll the way it was meant to be played: no auto-tune, lots of greasy guitar solos and just enough distortion. And their set list? It’s only gotten better with age — lots of Elvis, Chuck Berry, CCR, Sam Cooke and even some Doobie Brothers. But no fluff.

Sunday at Baker Park, Second and Bentz streets, Frederick, Md.

Phone: 301/600-2844


Exhibit: ‘The Shape of Things’

The highlight of the Art League’s exhibit “The Shape of Things” is a piece by D.C. sculptor Katrina Roeckelein. Titled “Giraffe Boy,” the sculpture features a human face with pleasingly long lashes, an orangish complexion, and the horns and neck of a giraffe. Ms. Roeckelein has sculpted many a head, but none is so compelling as “Giraffe Boy,” which was inspired by the artist’s recent trip to Botswana and is part of a collection titled “Safari in Clay.” “Giraffe Boy” isn’t the sole piece of Ms. Roeckelein’s at the Art League. The equally pleasing “Lady Tau” also will be on display.

Through Sept. 3 at the Art League, 105 N. Union St., Alexandria, Va.

Phone: 703/683-1780