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Mr. Obama also told the governor of Florida that federal officials are prepared to help ensure the safety of visitors to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Mr. Obama was briefed Sunday by FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate and Rick Knabb, director of the National Hurricane Center.

The White House said FEMA sent teams to Florida and Louisiana ahead of the storm to support state and local preparations. The agency is also consulting with officials in Alabama, Mississippi and other states that could be affected.

GOP officials curtailed some convention events because of the storm.


Romney rolls out ad against Medicare cuts

MANCHESTER — Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is using President Obama’s words from 2008 against him in a new ad about Medicare.

The campaign on Sunday rolled out a television ad that quotes Mr. Obama in criticizing his 2008 rival for proposed cuts to the popular health plan for seniors. At the time, Mr. Obama said John McCain’s Medicare plan would cut $882 billion from the program.

Mr. Obama said the plan “ain’t right.”

Mr. Romney has campaigned against Mr. Obama for his own cuts to Medicare to pay for Democrats’ health care law.

Mr. Romney routinely reminds voters that Mr. Obama moved to cut $716 billion over a decade.


Obama: Armstrong one of nation’s great heroes

President Obama hailed late astronaut Neil Armstrong as one of the greatest of American heroes, “not just of his time, but of all time.”

The first man to walk on the moon, Armstrong died Saturday at age 82.

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