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Ms. Kelly said she considers “America Live” a news show, not an opinion one, and there’s a clear contrast between her show and ones on Fox or MSNBC’s prime time. The lineup of stories, however, usually won’t upset a Fox audience dominated by Republicans.

Last Monday, for example, the show led with a story about an e-book that alleged dysfunction in Mr. Obama’s presidential campaign, and returned to it a handful of times later. The Missouri story about U.S. Senate candidate W. Todd Akin’s statement that women’s bodies can shut down pregnancies in cases of “legitimate rape,” which broke the previous weekend, wasn’t reported until the last five minutes of the two-hour show (except for when Mr. Obama was asked about it during an impromptu news conference Fox covered). Another new story, about a Republican congressman skinny-dipping in Sea of Galilee, wasn’t covered.

“I don’t think that we consider the political makeup of our audience,” she said. “At the same time, I understand that my mission here is not to pick up the New York Times and put their headlines on TV. That’s not what we do at Fox News. That’s never been our formula, and it wouldn’t be a winning formula for us.”

Her show offers two sides to a story “and I think people are not used to hearing the Republican side on some issues without mocking or diminishing, especially on issues like abortion, home schooling, guns or even small government. People are used to hearing these issues discussed where you’re made to feel like you’re in the minority if you don’t agree with the slant of the news presenter.”

Ms. Kelly has occasionally run afoul of Mr. Stewart on “The Daily Show.” Once Mr. Stewart showed a segment in which Ms. Kelly confronted a conservative commentator who had mocked her maternity leave, and the comic contrasted it with clips in which Ms. Kelly had questioned people about entitlement programs. Ms. Kelly, he suggested, is “suffering from postpartum compassion.”

He called Ms. Kelly recently after hearing her call him mean on his Comedy Central show.

It was cordial. Ms. Kelly said Mr. Stewart explained he was a satirist and his comedy didn’t come from a mean place. She didn’t back down, telling him “I feel like you’re the school bully and I’m one of your victims and you’re looking for absolution and I’m not giving it.”

She thinks Mr. Stewart is funny, “except for when he makes fun of me.”

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