- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 28, 2012


President Obama accuses his opponents of waging a war on women but, in fact, the president and Democrats are waging war on everybody, including newborns and unborn babies. In addition, Mr. Obama wants gas and electricity prices to skyrocket, which obviously affects everyone. Democrats are trying to impose Obamacare, made up of more than 20 taxes, on all Americans.

Although hidden from view, everyone will pay these taxes. Young adults who choose to not buy medical insurance will be fined and hounded by the Internal Revenue Service. Businesses that do not provide insurance will be fined. Obamacare will steal $716 billion from Medicare.

Food stamps, welfare and disability payments cannot replace economic growth, well-paying jobs and successful businesses. You would have to be deluded to sign on to Mr. Obama’s idea of what America should be. Europe’s obsession with socialism is leading to cultural suicide.

The American ideal of independent liberty, free enterprise and the rule of law is a way of life that has worked — and it can work even better. Government needs downsizing and to get out of the way. Taxes and regulations need to be reduced and eliminated. It’s that simple.


Salt Lake City



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