- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 29, 2012

President Obama took part in an online chat Wednesday, in which he urged people to “ask me anything.”

They did.

Among the questions Mr. Obama chose not to answer in the 30-minute session on Reddit.com:

• “How do we know you’re the president of the United States, and not just some Kenyan dude?”

• “What is the biggest cover-up you are aware of?”

• “Can I have a job, please?”

• “As a former constitutional law professor, can you explain how it is legal to kill an American citizen with a Predator drone without due process?”

• “How does one qualify for a Nobel Peace Prize while increasing military spending?”

• “Toilet paper — facing out, or facing in?”

• “If the United States had no debt, what would you spend money on?”

• “Chad and I were gonna order up a couple of pizzas; want in?”

• “So, how about those secret wars in Yemen and Pakistan, huh?”

Mr. Obama started the session (his campaign provided proof for disbelievers with a link to a photo of him typing on a laptop) with this message:

“I do want to say that our thoughts and prayers are with folks who are dealing with Hurricane Isaac in the Gulf, and to let them know that we are going to be coordinating with state and local officials to make sure that we give families everything they need to recover.”

Asked whether he would consider increasing funds for the space program, Mr. Obama said space exploration is “a big priority.”

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