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• Wire wheel covers.

• Rear-window defogger.

• Remote driver’s mirror.

• Nonslip rear differential.

• Cast ribbed valve covers.

• Four-way power driver’s seat.

The custom interior with black leather seats, black dashboard and black carpeting is easily identified by the wide strips of real wood extending along the sides from the dashboard to the back seat.

The headliner is a contrasting silver gray and all the interior window frames are highly polished stainless steel.

The two-spoke steering wheel has only a tilt function but, because the driver’s seat can be adjusted any which way, that is not a problem.

Anachronisms on the Buick include vent windows that are hand-crank operated, while the main windows are electrically powered.

Although the car has a powerful air conditioner, it still has under-dash vents to bring fresh air into the cabin when the car is moving.

Inside the cavernous trunk the spare tire is mounted horizontally atop the hump created by the rear axle.

With the 4,036-pound Riviera cruising comfortably on a 117-inch wheelbase, Dr. Zwibel last summer drove to the Riviera National Meet in Lancaster, Pa.

‘It’s a terrific road car,’ he says.

The odometer is just now approaching 103,000 miles and Dr. Zwibel says, ‘This summer I hope to put some miles on it.’

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