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Miscellany: Twilight Jumpers

For some strange reason, the revelation that Ann Romney is an equestrian was tantamount, in the eyes of the mainstream media, to her being a cannibal. It was as if her decision to ride an expensive horse, rather than a rented burro, told us everything we needed to know about the Romneys. Namely, that the family is too rich to reside in the White House. But as a letter writer to the Salt Lake Tribune noted earlier this month, “Horse ownership isn’t just for the rich; it is for the obsessed.” If you want proof, you can get it Friday night, when the High Performance Equestrian Foundation hosts its next Twilight Jumpers event. You see, equestrians love horses so much, that they will ride them at night, on a Friday. Even the price of admission for the event belies the claim that dressage is only for the wealthy: It’s $30 — not per person, but per carload.

Friday at Great Meadow Foundation, 5089 Old Tavern Road, The Plains, Va.

Phone: 540/253-5001


Concert: Ben Harper

Guitarist and soul singer Ben Harper’s greatest accomplishment is arguably the fact that he has outlasted Jack Johnson, the surf crooner whose career he helped launch. For a while, Mr. Jackson’s popularity with soccer moms and puka shell-wearers seemed to indicate he would overshadow the talents of the person who helped him get started. But as Mr. Johnson’s popularity has ebbed, Mr. Harper has stayed strong, penning increasingly more beautiful pieces.

Tuesday at Wolf Trap, 1645 Trap Road, Vienna, Va.

Phone: 703/255-1800