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Fresh off its new arrangement with the feds, XU couldn’t give the appearance of going soft on an athlete. Wells didn’t get any benefit of the doubt, partially because so many big-time ballers have abused the privilege. This is an instance where being an athlete could have been a disadvantage.

That would be unfortunate, just like cases in which jocks go unpunished because they’re jocks. Good luck trying to figure out when a board consisting of faculty, students and administrators is leaning one way or the other.

I appreciate the pressure that schools face when students make such serious allegations, especially when the accused is a high-profile athlete.

But the Wells’ case would raise issues even if he was completely anonymous. Something is amiss when a process doesn’t allow leeway after a prosecutor calls an expulsion “fundamentally unfair” and “an injustice.”

Upon expelling Wells, Xavier said its “interest and responsibility to all of our students is to provide a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment.”

Agreed. Too bad it failed to uphold its responsibility to Wells.