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THEN: “Sweet Caroline”

NOW: Sing along with the team.

Traditions are big in college football, and usually a song or two accompany that. For Penn State, one of the selections used to be “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. Well, no more. In the interest of moving on, and creating a new identity, that song has been scrapped. Not necessarily in its place, but worthy of noting is this: Stick around postgame because the Nittany Lions will sing the alma mater with the band after every home contest.


THEN: One of college football’s toughest tickets.

NOW: Who needs one? Or two?

There won’t be many seats open on Saturday _ Penn State will still have one of the most loyal followings in the game _ and when the tougher opponents come to town, there may not be any available. But for this opener, at least, there are seats out there on the secondary market, and the markup isn’t all that bad. So, don’t fret if you want to be there, and you don’t have a ticket yet. Because as of Friday morning, had plenty of seats, starting at $99. And posted its most expensive seat at $194. Face value for Penn State tickets this season is $70-140.


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