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Maybe next year Hamlin can try and sneak a wrist shot past Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov or take some cuts off Phillies ace Cole Hamels.


SLOW DOWN: Too bad for the Pocono coffers that speeding tickets weren’t actually written for drivers busted for speeding entering or exiting pit road in the June race. There were a whopping 22 violations, which had some drivers insisting there had to be a malfunction in the timing loops that track speed.

Robin Pemberton, NASCAR’s vice president for competition, said that wasn’t the case. The track was repaved and pit road underwent a makeover, which led to new placement of scoring loops from last season.

Drivers will be extra careful Sunday of how they approach their pit stops.

“With so many people having trouble there, I’m not sure what took place,” Jimmie Johnson said. “I’m sure it’s a smaller segment, but we have much smaller segments at other race tracks that don’t have as much trouble as that one did.”


OLYMPIC FEVER: Forget green, yellow and checkered.

Could Carl Edwards’ primary color have been gold _ as in a gold medal at the Olympics?

Uh, no.

While Edwards loves to nail his signature backflip after each NASCAR victory, he does have the aid of a stock car to serve as his stand in for a balance beam.

He’ll stick to flips at Victory Lane instead of medal stands.

“I need a race car out there to jump off to do any gymnastics,” Edwards said. “I have been watching, and it has been really neat to watch.”

Could there ever be a day where “start your engines” is heard _ on tape delay, of course _ at the Olympics?

Hey, if pros such as LeBron James and Serena Williams can compete in the Olympics, why not throw the world’s best drivers out there every four years?

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