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“When you look at something, you go back, you’re hoping after you put your quarterback through it, he won’t make the same mistake again,” coach Mike Shanahan said.

Grossman didn’t get completely comfortable with his timing until his second season, after he had a full offseason and training camp working with the first team, he said.

As he sees Griffin face some of the same difficulties dissecting coverages and making decisions, he believes Griffin’s play will be refined in the game.

“You don’t want to waste reps because your left guard or somebody got beat,” Grossman said. “I know he believes a lot of those, he would have escaped quicker and got out of there and would have made a great play, probably. I think he doesn’t escape to go through his progressions.”

On Thursday night, Griffin’s progress finally will be measured by a live defense. It’s an important first test, but he sees a more gradual progression, one that will make his internal alarm clock more precise.

“It just comes with time,” Griffin said. “You’ve got to learn when to run, when not to run, when to get the ball out of your hands and when to throw the ball in the dirt.”