- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Not content to buy up Africa, China now seeks to invade North America (“Chinese target Canada’s tar sands oil with proposed purchase of Nexen,” Web, Saturday).

Having been unsuccessful with Unocal in 2005, China now schemes to convince Canada that Chinese firms operate free of government control, claiming it’s a matter of prosperity, not national sovereignty and security. Not so. Everything in China is ultimately controlled by the Communist Party, which reserves the right, backed by force, to control everything from Internet chatter to human reproduction to economic activity. To suggest that the vast oil reserves in our backyard should be left to the discretion of oilmen is simply ludicrous. If China is involved, it’s ultimately the business of their Communist Party.

Our friends to the north are good people who may not instantly recognize the duplicity. Since they depend on us for protection, it’s time they wake up and realize that their destiny is bound with ours. We need a modern-day Monroe Doctrine to deal with China, which is obviously preparing for a military showdown with the United States. Without it, we may wake up one day and realize that China owns everything — from our banking system to our farmland to our government.


West Jefferson, Ohio



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