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“Once the bad content has been removed, the site owner can file a reconsideration request,” Mr. Nancarrow said. “If the offending content is indeed gone, the warning will come down.”

It was not the first time city residents encountered a hiccup on D.C. websites.

In April, city government sites in New York City and the District failed to load intermittently for hours on end. The “denial of service attacks” reportedly were launched by hacker group UGNazi as part of a protest against the governments, although it was unclear whether the true target was the federal government seated in the District. That type of invasion is far more serious than what occurred last week.

The community calendar at the source of the D.C. incident does not house confidential information, “so the ‘attack’ was more of an inconvenience than a threat to users,” Ms. Smith said via email.

However, she said, OCTO is re-creating the D.C. Community Calendar application with more current and secure features.