- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have been following with interest the story of Vladek Filler, who has been relentlessly prosecuted by Ellsworth, Maine, Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellett. Ms. Kellett is now under state review for numerous alleged ethics and civil rights violations.

If found culpable, there is a likelihood that Ms. Kellett could be removed from office and possibly lose her license to practice law. Based on publicized news reports, I do not believe that the sanctions are sufficient and Ms. Kellett should face federal criminal civil rights violations as well. Mr. Filler, who has been trapped in a nightmare of a family-law case filled with false allegations of child abuse and sexual abuse, has been subjected to violations of his civil rights. This scenario is truly reminiscent of Stalinist Russia in the 1950s.


Anaheim, Calif.



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