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“We were hitting the ball all over the place,” Olazabal said. “I remember the second hole, the par 5. He snap-hooked the tee shot way left into the water and I have to drop it on the ladies tee, that’s how bad he hit the tee shot. I hit it onto the fairway.”

The American team was in the fairway and just short of the green in two. Ballesteros hits Europe’s fourth shot into the trees in the right, and Olazabal had to chip it back out to the fairway. There was water in front and behind the green, but the Americans were still hitting their third shot. It was hopeless.

“I look at Seve and I said, `What the hell are we doing here? Let’s pick up and go to the third hole,’” Olazabal said. “Seve said, `Just hold on a second. If we chip and putt, we make 7. … Well, if they miss the chip and hit it in the water and drop it and chip it onto the green and make two putts, what do they do?’”

Olazabal did the math and came up with 7.

Olazabal said Ballesteros told him, “So we still have a chance. Let’s go.”