- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 9, 2012

Once again, it’s time to check off some items on my “TIDU List” — Things I Don’t Understand:

How Seattle became so desperate at wide receiver.

Terrell Owens might have tread left on his tires at 38. He has missed a full season and had major knee surgery since his last NFL game, but had 72 catches and nine TDs in 2010. Though his finances are a mess, he remains in awesome shape physically

Still, signing a punch line says a lot about the Seahawks and it’s nothing to brag about.

Why Bryce Harper’s mentality is a concern.

He argued with an ump Wednesday and shattered a bat on home plate Sunday. He slammed a bat off the wall and into his face in May and snapped a bat in July. Helmets have been abused. Batting .176 in a woeful second-half slump, he wasn’t in the lineup Thursday. But he’s only 19, so no worries.

Harper will become more comfortable with imperfection as he grows older.

How Gabby Douglas could be more inspiring.

Disney movie heroines have stories more believable than Douglas’s tale. We’d roll our eyes at the screen if a 14-year-old African-American girl moved in with a family she didn’t know, in a community where few people looked like her, and won Olympic gold two years later. It would be too sappy if it wasn’t real life.

Forget about the demographics in gymnastics; Douglas expanded the realm of possibility.

Why the NFL hired a female fill-in official.

Shannon Eastin made history Thursday in the Packers-Chargers game. Too bad some folks consider her a scab for betraying the locked-out, regular officials. “It was an opportunity for me to get in and to show that I am capable,” Eastin said in a conference call. I don’t blame Eastin for taking her shot.

But the NFL should’ve made sure its pioneer was the real thing.

How Bobby Petrino will be sidelined long.

The former Arkansas coach was emotional in his first interview since being ousted for hiring a mistress. “How could I put what we had in jeopardy?” he asked ESPN. “My actions, my behavior — for months it was just wrong.” He lost his dream job and $21 million in potential earnings.

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