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With the November elections over, many Democrats are now basking in the light of a new electoral paradigm composed of a melange of disparate interests outnumbering the former mainstream majority.

The 20th was the American century, during which we saved the world from tyranny in World War I, World War II and the Cold War and took Americans to the moon and back. We became the world’s sole superpower, a nation like none other. But what would the picture have been had then-extant political leadership been elected by today’s new majority? The new majority includes agenda-driven constituents, unions, welfare recipients and environmentalists, none distinguished by flag-waving patriotism. What would the Greatest Generation have looked like in the face of all this if, in fact, there would have been one at all?

Now we face the lengthy remainder of the 21st century, one that will have the potential to be far more dangerous to world peace than the last, with an ascendant, authoritarian Red China and resurgent, extremist, militant Islam. In that context, consider this: Does the new Democratic majority signal a new, great day for America, or a sad goodnight?


Santa Rosa, Calif.

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