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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Gun assault not just harassment

- The Washington Times - Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In "Bob Costas shoots himself in the foot" (Commentary, Wednesday), Emily Miller writes, "The timing of the anti-gun efforts is not a coincidence." She then quotes National Rifle Association President David Keene pointing out that anti-gun speech has increased since President Obama's re-election. The implication is that many expect Mr. Obama to take some action detrimental to gun rights.

He already has. On Nov. 7, immediately after winning the election, Mr. Obama advanced the Small Arms Treaty at the United Nations. The treaty effectively would give the United Nations control over gun ownership in spite of our constitutional Second Amendment rights.

Americans face peril from the clear coordination within the leftist media of propaganda aimed at preparing the metaphorical battlefield in advance of Mr. Obama's attacks on the Constitution through both Senate and executive actions. We must never assume incoming rounds are simply harassment fire.


Sterling, Va.

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