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NEW YORK — New York City Comptroller John Liu has rejected the city’s contract for a new taxi fleet because the “taxi of tomorrow” is not wheelchair-accessible.

It’s unclear what the effect of the move will be. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said on his WOR radio show Friday that the program would go forward anyway.

The Nissan taxis were selected to replace existing cabs as they age and are retired.

More than a dozen wheelchair users joined Mr. Liu and other elected officials at a Manhattan news conference.

Edith Prentiss of the Taxis for All Campaign said she wants to be able to stick her hand up and hail a cab just as other New Yorkers do.


School stumped by mail sent to Indiana Jones

CHICAGO — University of Chicago officials are puzzled by a mystery piece of mail seemingly linked to the Indiana Jones movie series.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the university’s admissions department received a package last week addressed to “Henry Walton Jones Jr.” That’s the main character’s name in the popular film franchise that began in 1980s.

The package contained a replica of the journal from the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” film — and no explanation.

University officials turned to Tumblr for answers.

Admissions counselor Grace Chapin says one theory is that it’s an “alternate reality” game in which players plant clues for others.

Officials with Lucasfilm, the studio that made the movies, say they weren’t responsible for the package.

University officials say they haven’t decided what to do with the journal.


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