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“This has been a rough year getting the fullback going, but we have to find other ways,” Jasper said. “Some teams are going to take the fullback dive away from you and make it a perimeter game, or make you hand the ball to the fullback and just make it an inside game and just tackle him. It hasn’t been one of our best years at fullback, but at the same time you’re going to take what the defense gives you.”

That doesn’t diminish Copeland’s improvement, or that his 152 carries are the most for a sophomore fullback during Navy’s current triple-option era, which dates to 2002.

In September, Jasper pointedly told Copeland he needed to grow up. Copeland’s closing flourish to the regular season suggests he’s done just that.

“I just turned it up at the end of the season,” Copeland said. “I should have had a whole entire season like this, but it’s good to at least have a working point so I can work up from this and work into next season.”