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A neighbor, Rhonda Cullens, described the 52-year-old single mother of two as a “very nice lady … just a regular person.” Mrs. Lanza put up Christmas lights every year and enjoyed gardening, she said.

“She used to give me a hard time, you know, because I put out all these Christmas lights, and she said, ‘I put out mine, too, but you can’t even see them,’” said Mrs. Cullens, explaining that the Lanza house was set back from the street.

Mr. Lanza is a vice president of taxes for GE Energy Financial Services, with an annual salary of $445,000. He lives in Stamford, Conn. The divorce records say the marriage “has broken down irretrievably and there is no possibility of getting back together,” although there is no indication of anger or bitterness between the couple in the documents. The court records also show that Mr. Lanza made provisions to take care of Adam’s education and medical insurance. She received $289,800 in alimony this year.