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There would be no harm in letting him start the last two, meaningless games. He can’t perform much worse than Sanchez, who led the Jets to a 6-8 record. As ugly as Tebow can look, he still owns a 9-7 record in 16 career starts (including 1-1 in the playoffs), while McElroy appears to be backup material at best.

“Some things are hard to understand,” Tebow told reporters when asked if he comprehends the Jets’ thinking in acquiring him. “They were trying to do the best they can, and I understand that.”

I get why the Broncos parted ways with Tebow. Even though he sparked an improbable postseason run and a stunning playoff win against Pittsburgh, Denver was well aware of his limitations and preferred its chances with a rehabbing Peyton Manning. That was a slam-dunk decision, as evidenced by the Broncos’ 11-3 record and Manning’s stellar quarterback ratings.

Denver did right by Tebow, sending him to a team with purported interest in his unique, unorthodox skill set.

All New York did in return was use him and abuse him, giving McElroy what rightfully should be Tebow’s first start as a Jet.

“You know, sometimes things just happen out of your control,” said Tebow, still taking the high road while, understandably, being open to playing elsewhere next season. “Obviously, you might not be pleased with them or happy about it. You just handle them the best you can.”

He handled his cards fine.

But the Jets gave him a raw deal.