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He emancipated thousands of dads and granddads by refusing to eat any more broccoli after he turned 60.

Janet Jenkins
Iowa Granny

Best wishes and prayers to President Bush! And to his amazing family!


Mr. President,

I will always remember meeting you in the Roosevelt Room in the White House and being escorted into the Oval Office for a photo opp in front of George Washington’s portrait over the fireplace. You asked us, “How do you like my new carpet?” To which we answered in the affirmative.

You were in Salem, Va., campaigning for your son in early 2000. As we waited backstage for you to be introduced, you personally autographed that photo.

I still proudly have it and it’s one of my prized possessions.

May God, the Great Physician, grant you recovery back to your family and a thankful country for your lifetime of service.

Fred Anderson

Just wanted to add my wishes and prayers for a full recovery.

Mr. President, I’ve long admired your humility and goodness and devotion to public service. In an era of so much divisiveness, much could be learned from your example. When so many look at political involvement as a means for power, you exemplify service. May God bless you with healing and strength.

Laura Darke
Torrance, Calif.

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