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Our family and church are praying for your fast recovery. You are the example of what is good in our world. Your contributions to the United States has given us all leadership and kindness to emulate. The manner in which you as President structured the national decision-making process is a model for all world leaders. During Desert Storm there was a CIA–DIA disagreement of anticipated success on the eve of the invasion and the disagreeing parties met with you. During that discussion, I received a phone call from the White House while in the bunker in Riyadh asking my opinion and was able to support the SecDef decision to immediately move into Kuwait. I am sure the call was instigated by Mike McConnell. That is one of my fondest memories. We are all pulling for you.

Very respectfully,
Col. Richard M. Atchison USAF (Ret.)   

To my Commander-in-chief,

My wife and I wish you a swift recovery and all God’s blessings upon you and the family. You will always be Commander in my heart.

Daniel Rush USN Retired
USNS Kilauea HC5 DET4

You were the first President I voted for after I became a U.S. Citizen — therefore, like it or not (and I do) you will always be very special to me.

Thank you for always making me proud to be an American.

Kathy Tavoularis

Dear sir, hoping and praying for your speedy recovery and all the best to you and your family in 2013.

Claire Mencke
New York, N.Y.

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