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TEHRAN — An Iranian official says the country may open a controversial military site to inspectors of the U.N. nuclear watchdog.

A Thursday report by independent Mardomsalari daily quotes Deputy Foreign Minister Hasan Qashqavi as saying the inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency may visit Parchin military site “if the foreign threats weaken.” He did not elaborate.

As high government officials rarely speak out on such sensitive issues, Mr. Qashqavi’s remarks were seen as echoing the views of Iran’s leadership.

Earlier this month, IAEA inspectors on a trip to Tehran failed to visit Parchin, where they believe Iran has carried out some nuclear experiments.

Iran says Parchin is only a conventional military site, and denies the West’s claims its nuclear program has a military dimension.


Ex-economy minister sentenced for corruption

BUENOS AIRES — A former Argentine economy minister was sentenced Thursday to four years in prison for corruption.

Felisa Miceli was forced to quit in 2007, when Argentine pesos and U.S. dollars worth the combined equivalent of $52,000 were found in her office bathroom.

The unanimous ruling said Miceli was guilty of the “aggravated cover-up” on an illegal financial maneuver and obstruction of justice for getting rid of a police report about the money.

The local court also ruled that Miceli will be barred from holding any public office position for eight years.

The money was found by the federal police’s explosives unit in a closet inside the office bathroom while it was inspecting the Economy Ministry.


Ex-economy minister 
sentenced for corruption

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