- The Washington Times - Monday, December 31, 2012


Geithner declares Monopoly money legal tender

Hillary demands her frequent flier miles before leaving State

Harry Reid: People didn’t elect us to pass a budget

Mayans: 2012? We meant 2013

Obama has his photo taken at fiscal cliff

Michelle orders White House moved to Hawaii

Education secretary snared in spelling bee scandal

Justice Roberts seeks Obamacare do-over

Susan Rice named ambassador to Libya 

Lindsay Lohan announces run for Congress

Obama skips inauguration for golfing

YouTube beats networks in nightly ratings

Kerry resigns as secretary of state, citing boredom 

Dems push to repeal 22nd Amendment

EPA regulates oxygen as a pollutant

Piers Morgan deported to U.K.

Presidential limo caught with anti-speed camera plate cover 

Navy invents wind-powered ship technology

Gun dealers declare Obama salesman of decade 

Post Office begins e-mail printout delivery service

Gore suffers frostbite injury

Boehner refuses to dim bulbs in Capitol, says there are enough already

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