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SINGAPORE — Four Chinese immigrant bus drivers accused of inciting the city-state’s first labor strike in 26 years have been granted bail in a case that has highlighted growing friction caused by an influx of foreign labor.

A fifth Chinese driver already has been sentenced to six weeks in prison even though prosecutors said he was not an instigator of the strike, which was called to demand equitable pay.

Walking off the job in protest is almost unheard of in Singapore, and the swift prosecution following the Nov. 26-27 strike was a clear sign that the government of this strictly enforced country will not brook any disobedience from its workforce.

Three of the men who appeared in court Thursday were allowed a bail of $8,200.

A fourth driver, He Jun Liang, who faces an additional charge of making an online post in Mandarin, was given a bail of $16,400.

It is not clear if they will be able to raise the money to get out of detention before their case resumes Wednesday.

• From wire dispatches and staff reports