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“He can run,” coach Mike Shanahan said. “He can run after the catch, and that is what you are looking for. He is strong, very quick and he has the God-given ability to run through tackles.”

The most important element of Garcon’s return to form is his release off the line of scrimmage. The torn plantar plate in the bottom of his foot causes him pain when pushing off, but he is fighting through that.

“When he’s more confident he can come off the ball, he uses his speed,” Kyle Shanahan. “He’s more confident to break down at full speed. All year, he hasn’t really been able to come off the ball. He’s had to tempo himself to break down. When you’re a receiver and you can’t make every route look like a go route, it’s tough. It’s tough to separate like he’s used to.”

So as long as Garcon can continue to run the way he has in the past two games, he can keep helping the Redskins offense push toward the postseason.

“I just go out there and try to play hard,” Garcon said. “I try to run hard whenever I get the ball. I try to block hard whenever I can. Just playing hard for the team. That’s just what I enjoy doing — going hard every play.”