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On Wednesday, gunmen believed to be from the Camorra crime syndicate pursued a man into the school, fatally shooting him in the back and head. The man allegedly dealt drugs for a rival clan.

The school’s students were elsewhere in the facility practicing for a Christmas pageant, and none was hurt.

Crime turf wars in Naples have claimed some 400 lives since 2004. Over the years, hundreds of troops have been deployed to the southern region.


Britain sees decline in Christmas birds

LONDON — Just try finding a partridge in a pear tree in Britain these days.

Britain’s Royal Society for Protection of Birds says the two icons of the Christmas song — gray partridges and turtle doves — are in alarming decline.

It says authorities should act to prevent them from becoming just distant memories within the famed “Twelve Days of Christmas” song.

The society says the number of partridges has dropped 30 percent. Turtle doves are even worse off — with a 60 percent decline in numbers.

The society warns, at this rate, the dove will face extinction by the middle of the next decade.

Society spokesman Grahame Madge says that budget cuts by the British government and the European Union threaten farm programs that support wildlife such as the birds.

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