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“There is no excuse for any of the 12 of us not to be completely up to speed on iGaming,” Mr. Evans said at the outset of the committee markup.

A bill to revive online gambling will face the added challenge of a rebidding process on the iGaming portion of the lottery contract, not to mention political aversion to stand-alone gambling legislation, Mr. Evans said.

“Seventy-five percent of people are against gambling on the way to the casino,” he quipped. “See what I’m saying?”

D.C. Lottery Director Buddy Roogow said the lottery is a government agency that will do the council’s bidding, and Intralot must absorb the costs of iGaming’s false start. The ramifications of the inspector general’s findings, including whether or not iGaming operations can be rebid apart from the overall lottery contract, remain to be seen.

“I don’t think that we’ve conducted that postmortem,” he said.

The fate of the underlying lottery contract also appears to be unresolved. Mr. Evans suggested Wednesday that his work is not complete and that further oversight of the contract will be forthcoming.

In comments from the dais, Mr. Brown objected to accusations he “snuck” the iGaming law into a budget bill, and Mr. Barry told his colleagues they should have read the bill more carefully.

Despite his opposition to the repeal, Mr. Barry objected to the “illegal” way CFO Natwar M. Gandhi inserted the gambling provision into the lottery contract, as detailed in the inspector general’s report.

Mr. Gandhi has strongly objected to the findings. He said all bidders for the lottery contract had the chance to suggest additional games, even if the request for proposal did not specifically mention online gambling.

The U.S. Department of Justice opened the door to online gaming via state lottery systems, a reversal of its position, in a recent opinion that addressed whether Illinois and New York can use out-of-state transaction processors to sell lottery tickets to adults within their borders.

“Other states are now doing this,” Mr. Brown said. “And frankly they are laughing at our procedure now, moving backwards when we were out front on this.”