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And once the Giants’ line starts getting to the quarterback, it’s contagious.

“You know, the adrenaline is pumping,” Pierre-Paul said. “You just have to get there, and like a dunk, you’ve just got to dunk the ball. Once you do it, you just want another one. Like a sack, once you get one sack, you just want more. The guys on my front line, if Osi gets a sack, I want two sacks, because if I get two sacks, Justin Tuck is going to want three sacks.”

That’s what happened in 2008 when a few of the names were different, with the obvious absence being Michael Strahan.

“This game will not be won off what we did in `07 or what we did earlier this year,” Tuck said. “I hope we don’t fall into that trap of believing that because that team has won 10 straight. They are playing, I think, better football _ team football _ than they played in `07. But, I think we are playing better team football than we played in `07. It’s going to be a fun matchup. It’s going to be a fun atmosphere, and I am looking forward to it.”