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AMSTERDAM (AP) - A list of winners of the 2010 World Press Photo contest:

PHOTO OF THE YEAR, 2011: Samuel Aranda, Spain, for The New York Times, A woman holds a wounded relative during protests against president Saleh, Sanaa, Yemen, Oct. 15.

SPOT NEWS SINGLES _ 1. Yuri Kozyrev, Russia, Noor Images for Time, Rebels in Ras Lanuf, Libya, March 11; 2. Massoud Hossaini, Afghanistan, Agence France-Presse, Explosion during religious ceremony, Kabul, Afghanistan, Dec. 5; 3. Li Yang, China, for China Daily, Rescue of a girl attempting suicide, Changchun, Jilin province, China, May 17; Honorable mention. Salil Bera, India, The Week, A leopard attacks, Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, India.

SPOT NEWS STORIES _ 1. Koichiro Tezuka, Japan, Mainichi Shimbun, Tsunami strikes Natori City, Japan, March 11; 2. Niclas Hammerstrom, Sweden, for Aftonbladet, Utoya, Norway, July 22; 3. Eduardo Castaldo, Italy, Dawn of a revolution, Cairo, Egypt, January-February.

GENERAL NEWS SINGLES _ 1. Alex Majoli, Italy, Magnum Photos for Newsweek, Protestors at Tahrir Square react to president Mubarak’s announcement not to step down, Cairo, Egypt, Feb. 10; 2. Lars Lindqvist, Sweden, Dagens Nyheter, On the pier of Ishinomaki port, Japan, April 15; 3. Toshiyuki Tsunenari, Japan, Asahi Shimbun, Woman cries amid the ruins of Natori City, Japan, March 13.

GENERAL NEWS STORIES _ 1. Remi Ochlik, France, IP3 Press, Battle for Libya; 2. Paolo Pellegrina, Italy, Magnum Photos for Zeit Magazine, Tsunami aftermath, Japan, April; 3. David Guttenfelder, USA, The Associated Press for National Geographic magazine, Japan’s nuclear refugees, April-November.

PEOPLE IN THE NEWS SINGLES _ 1. Samuel Aranda, Spain, for The New York Times, A woman holds a wounded relative during protests against president Saleh, Sanaa, Yemen, Oct. 15; 2. Tomasz Lazar, Poland, Arrest of protesters in Harlem, New York City, during a demonstration against police tactics and income inequality. New York, USA, Oct. 25; 3. Mohammed al-Law, Egypt, The Associated Press, Former Egyptian president Mubarak arrives for his trial, Cairo, Egypt, Sept. 7.

PEOPLE IN THE NEWS STORIES _ 1. Yasuyoshi Chiba, Japan, Agence France-Presse, Aftermath of the tsunami, Japan, March-April; 2. John Moore, USA, Getty Images, Evicted, Colorado, USA; 3. Jan Dago, Denmark, Jyllands-Posten, The fight for Tahrir Square, Cairo, Feb. 1-6.

SPORTS SINGLES _ 1. Donald Miralle, Jr., USA, Mass swim start at the Ironman World Championships, Kailua Bay, Hawaii, USA; 2. Ray McManus, Ireland, Sportsfile, Scrum half, Old Belvedere vs. Blackrock, Dublin, Ireland; 3. Henrik Brunnsgaard, Sweden, Base jumper Johannes Dagemark takes off of a wind turbine, Skara, Sweden.

SPORTS STORIES _ 1. Alexander Taran, Russia, ‘Strelka,’ street fighting tournament, St. Petersburg, Russia; 2. Adam Pretty, Australia, Getty Images, World Swimming Championships, Shanghai, China; 3. Tomasz Gudzowaty, Poland, Yours Gallery/Agentur Focus, Lucha libre at La Loba, Mexico City.

CONTEMPORARY ISSUES SINGLES _ 1. Brent Stirton, South Africa, Reportage by Getty Images for Kiev Independent, Maria, a drug addict and sex worker, Kryvyi Rig, Ukraine; 2. Ilvy Njiokiktjien, The Netherlands, ‘Kolonel’ Jooste trains white Afrikaners at a youth camp, Carolina, South Africa; 3. Simona Ghizzoni, Italy, Contrasto, Jamila, 40, injured during Operation Cast Lead, Gaza Strip; Honorable mention. Shaofeng Xu, China, ChuTian Metropolis Daily, Man climbs up a high voltage electricity tower, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China, Nov. 22.

CONTEMPORARY ISSUES STORIES _ 1. Stephanie Sinclair, USA, VII Photo Agency for National Geographic magazine, Child brides: Too young to wed; 2. Ebrahim Noroozi, Iran, Jamejam Online, Public executions by hanging, Iran; 3. Perdo Pardo, Mexico, Agence France-Presse, Drug cartel wars, Acapulco, Mexico.

DAILY LIFE SINGLES _ 1. Damir Sagolj, Bosnia, Reuters, Picture of North Korea’s founder Kim Il-Sung on a wall in Pyongyang, Oct. 5; 2. Johnny Haglund, Norway, Vi Menn, Girls catch fish in the Congo river; 3. Paolo Woods, The Netherlands, Radio presenter sister Melianise Gabreus, Les Cayes, Haiti.

DAILY LIFE STORIES _ 1. Alejandro Kirchuk, Argentina, Never Let You Go; 2. Pietro Paolini, Italy, TerraProject, Bolivianas; 3. Alexander Gronsky, Russia, Photographer.ru, Pastoral, Moscow; Honorable mention. Darcy Padilla, US, Redux Pictures, Jason & Elyssa, 2011.

PORTRAITS SINGLES _ 1. Laerke Posselt, Denmark, Iranian-born Danish actress Mellica Mehraban; 2. Guillaume Herbaut, France, Institute for Artist Management for Stiletto, Femen activist Inna Shevchenko, Ukraine; 3. Denis Rouvre, France, Toku Konno, tsunami survivor, Sendai, Japan.

PORTRAITS STORIES _ 1. Donald Weber, Canada, VII Photo Agency, Interrogation room, Ukraine; 2. Ton Koene, The Netherlands, Recruits at police training center, Kunduz, Afghanistan; 3. Simon Norfolk and John Burke, Britain, Burke + Norfolk, Afghanistan, 19th and 21st century.

ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT SINGLES _ 1. David Goldman, USA, The Associated Press, Cpl. Ben Vandandaigue plays the drums at a Canadian base, Kandahar, Afghanistan. 2. Vincent Boisot, France, Riva Press for Le Figaro Magazine, Dakar fashion week, model poses in Yolande Mancini’s design, Senegal; 3. Pavel Prokopchik, The Netherlands, Local shaman performs ritual, Ungurtas, Kazakhstan.

ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT STORIES _ 1. Rob Hornstra, The Netherlands, The Sochi Project: Sochi Singers; 2. Emiliano Larizza, Italy, Contrasto, Saut-d’Eau Pilgrimage, Haiti. 3. Huimin Kuang, China, Huang Jianglu newspaper, The Return of the Native, Mao Zedong remembered.

NATURE SINGLES _ 1. Jenny E. Ross, USA, Polar bear attempts to feed on sea birds’ eggs, Novaya Zemlya, Russia; 2. Joan Costa, Spain, for Malaspina Expedition, Specimen of a heteropoda, Pacific Ocean; 3. Francesco Zizola, Italy, Noor Images, Tuna fish in the Tonnara, off Carloforte Island, Sardinia, Italy.

NATURE STORIES _ 1. Brent Stirton, South Africa, Reportage by Getty Images for National Geographic magazine, Rhino wars; 2. Carsten Peter, Germany, National Geographic magazine, Hang Ken, infinite cave, Vietnam; 3. Paul Hilton, Britain, EPA for Pew, Shark fin.



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