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“I think it’s absolutely false to say that there’s been an overreach and an undue focus on social issues,” he said.

The governor also said the perception that Republicans are single-mindedly pursuing a social agenda has been created by Democrats and, in part, by the news media.

“About 3 percent [of bills] that have come out of the House have been on social issues,” Mr. McDonnell said. “Ninety-seven percent have been on the things that I’ve been talking about: jobs, transportation, higher education, energy, public safety, retirement-system reform, government reform. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s overwhelmingly what they do.”

Still, Mr. McDonnell said he has been heartened by his discussions with members on both sides of the aisle and is confident they will get things done.

“So I think everybody here ought to take a nice, deep breath. … Let the process work,” he said. “We [have] a lot of great statesmen and stateswomen in both houses, and we’re going to get everything done.”