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“Do not follow me down the road to jihad. Go and get a good education in the West.”

Osama Bin Laden’s instructions to children and grandchildren, according to his brother-in-law Zakaria al-Sadah, in The Sunday London Times.


Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has secured tidy victories at the primaries and dominated recent polls, including The Washington Times’ own CPAC Straw Poll, released with much ado at the ultimate conservative tribal gathering this weekend.

But no matter what Mr. Romney does — even if he wears down-home jeans and delivers perfectly tailored messages — there are those who have dug in their heels and just refuse to buy it.

Romney has shown that he can mouth the words conservatives use, but he has no gut-level emotional connection with the conservative movement and its ideas and policies says chairman Richard A. Viguerie, who hosted his preferred candidate Rick Santorum at a private luncheon for 90 conservative insiders during the endless CPAC weekend.

But back to Mr. Romney.

“To paraphrase a story about Mark Twain, one day his wife decided to repeat some of his more colorful four-letter words to embarrass him into cleaning up his language. After absorbing the barrage, the author thought for a moment and said, ‘Honey, you’ve got the words right, but you just don’t have the tune.’ ” Mr. Viguerie observes.

“After 50 years in the conservative movement, I can say with some authority, Mitt, you may have the words of conservatism right, but you just don’t have the tune.”


• 53 percent of Americans say China is the leading economic power in the world today.

• 54 percent of Republicans and 48 percent of Democrats agree.

• 33 percent say the U.S. is the leading economic power; 36 percent of Republicans and 36 percent of Democrats agree.

• 46 percent say China will be the world’s leading economic power 20 years from now.

• 42 percent of Republicans and 37 percent of Democrats agree.

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