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“It was more of an open forum, but in that regard, it went well,” he said. “It’s very important that the drivers understand I am open-minded, but once we get to a point where it’s very clear I’ve got to make a decision, I will be firm.”

He’s currently collected feedback on potential standing starts, but said using it in at least one race this season is “something else that’s popping up on my radar as something I’d like to try sooner rather than later.”

Barfield said he’s being careful about which venues are appropriate to try new ideas, and the importance of giving enough lead time for IndyCar and the drivers to understand how the practices will be applied. By picking Iowa for the heat races, he gave the series almost four months to address any potential issues.

“Iowa was timing-wise, it worked out for giving us a little bit of time to plan and write the rules for it,” he said.