- - Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Bill gives government new cybermonitoring powers

OTTAWA — The government Tuesday introduced a bill to give law enforcement authorities sweeping powers to probe online communications, but the move sparked criticism about threats to privacy.

“New technologies provide new ways of committing crimes, making them more difficult to investigate,” Justice Minister Rob Nicholson told a news conference in unveiling the measure. “This legislation will enable authorities to keep pace with rapidly changing technology.”

Liberal opposition groups and civil liberties advocates complained that the bill from the ruling Conservative government contains broad new police powers that could result in unreasonable searches and seizures.


Army accuses Sudan of breaking nonaggression pact

JUBA — South Sudan on Tuesday accused its northern neighbor Sudan of violating a nonaggression agreement between the two nations just hours after it was signed.

South Sudanese military officials said Sudan launched an attack early Saturday on the disputed border town of Jau.

Col. Philip Aguer said the area was shelled by Sudanese Armed Forces and then bombed by the Sudanese Air Force during the day.

Jau is on the border of South Sudan’s Unity State and Sudan’s South Kordofan state and has been claimed by both countries.

Sudan currently is battling a rebel group that was linked to South Sudan’s Southern People’s Liberation Movement before the country gained independence from Sudan in July.


IRA suspect arraigned on bomb charge

DUBLIN — A suspected Irish Republican Army dissident already facing trial on one bomb charge was arraigned Tuesday on a charge of planting a car bomb outside a Northern Ireland courthouse.

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