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The Katanga Express plane went down Sunday as it attempted to land at Bukavu airport in eastern Congo.

Among the five bodies pulled out of the wreck was that of Augustin Katumba Mwanke, described in U.S. diplomatic cables as “the power behind the throne” in Mr. Kabila’s administration, according to WikiLeaks.

The plane’s two pilots also were killed. There were 10 passengers on board.

The minister announced that a special commission will investigate the causes of the crash.

Congo has one of the worst safety records in the world. Just two weeks ago, an Antonov plane crashed after it left the same airport in eastern Congo. Officials found the debris from the destroyed plane around six miles from the town of Namoya, where it was supposed to land an hour later.


Urgent tweet in village: Help, sheep missing

LANET UMOJA — When the chief in a western Kenyan village received an urgent call that thugs were invading a schoolteacher’s home, he sent a message on Twitter.

Within minutes, residents in this village of stone houses gathered outside the home, and the thugs fled.

The tweet from Chief Francis Kariuki was only his latest attempt to improve village life by using the microblogging site Twitter.

Mr. Kariuki regularly sends out tweets about missing children and farm animals, showing that the power of social media has reached even into a dusty African village.

He says he recently tweeted about a lost brown-and-white sheep, and the animal was soon recovered.

A recent report said that Twitter is enjoying big growth across Africa. It said South Africans use Twitter the most, but Kenya is second.

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