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However, if one remembers that a premium price already has been paid for the download ($15 is the high-end cost for a full game on Xbox Live), and that plenty of great titles already exist that don’t pound a relentless “buy” message, it’s a tad aggravating.

With every cosmetic item available, we are reminded at every unlock screen we can get it for a price. It became pretty tempting to buy something after 20 or so matches. I almost dropped 80 points to buy a custom character card pack (displayed to players when you kill them to see who performed the deed) after jealousy set in while watching other players’ fancy comic book illustrated cards.

When the Joker’s deadly gas settles, Gotham City Impostors might hook the Batman fan with quite the slick concept, but won’t maintain the interest of the average shooter connoisseur stuck in an already cluttered world of dynamic franchises.

Note: In March, a free downloadable content pack will be available featuring better matchmaking, a map of the 25th floor of the Gotham Times building, costumes such as a luchador, a new quick-draw pistol and use of a cloud of toxic gas unleashed on players following too close behind you. Feel free to add the punch line.