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Mr. Brown also had a friendly exchange with Mr. Obama after the State of the Union speech during which Mr. Obama urged lawmakers to pass a Brown-sponsored bill banning insider trading by members of Congress.


Voter turnout numbers shows enthusiasm gap

Voter turnout numbers are pointing to a potential enthusiasm deficit for Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney.

Statistics in the four states that have voted so far show turnout has been strongest where people were energized to vote for somebody else.

Mr. Romney had a big victory in Florida this week. But turnout there was down significantly from four years ago.

In South Carolina, where Mr. Gingrich trounced Mr. Romney, turnout was up considerably.

Turnout was up slightly in the first two states to vote: New Hampshire and Iowa. But Democrats are quick to note that independent voters contributed to the boost. And they say President Obama will be competing for those independents in the fall.


Lawmakers seek answers on hazing in military

Members of Congress are pressing for hearings on the military’s efforts to prevent hazing in the ranks. For one lawmaker, the issue is highly personal.

California Rep. Judy Chu’s nephew killed himself in Afghanistan after hours of beatings, repeated pushups and mouthfuls of sand. Three Marines allegedly punished Lance Cpl. Harry Lew after he was caught sleeping on duty.

This week, a judge ruled that one of the three should spend 30 days in jail and have his rank reduced to private. The judge found no evidence the abuse led to the suicide.

Ms. Chu and several lawmakers said at a press conference that Pentagon leaders must make eliminating hazing a top priority and “stop pretending there is no problem.”


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