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The Rockies know their man on the top dugout step is all about winning, and doing it the right way. Players will certainly appreciate the stability of their skipper, too. Tracy dearly loves his players.

“We believe Jim has the kind of characteristics that go so much deeper than wins and losses, and we certainly feel like we’re going to get a lot of wins, too,” O'Dowd said. “There’s two types of people in our game, survivors and difference-makers. Survivors try to hold onto their jobs, and difference-makers show up every single day with intent to try to create the kind of authentic relationships based upon substance, and Jim falls in that category. It’s really hard to find those kind of characteristics in life in general, not just in professional sports. We know what we have in Jim and Jim knows what he has with us.”

Tracy is 792-782 in 10 seasons as a manager.