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On their way, Mr. Best and Mr. Bost are said to have killed 17-year-old Tavon Nelson as they tried to rob him of a gun to get additional firepower for the ambush.

The men face up to life in prison if convicted of even some of the more than 50 charges against them.

Showing photos of the bloody scene on a court projector, jurors got their first look at the carnage that took place out front of 4022 South Capitol Street. Among the images were puddles of blood on the sidewalk and William Jones, 19, dead in the grass, wearing a T-shirt that paid homage to his dead friend, Jordan Howe.

Friends and family members of the three killed that night — Brishell Jones, 16; Davaughn Boyd, 18; and William Jones — began to sob in the courtroom as the photos were shown. The two Joneses were not related.

The trial is expected to last up to three months as each of the defendants’ attorneys present their own defenses.

Less than a full day into the trial, two of the 12 jurors and five alternates have already been excused from jury service. One of the jurors realized after sitting through part of the trial that he knew the mother of one of the victims.