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But diplomacy and goodwill gestures have helped many a new administration, and that would’ve been the best approach for the College Park regime. Anderson’s first mistake was going public with his desires in May. “Lee Reed, the athletic director at Georgetown, is a very good friend of mine,” Anderson told my colleague, Patrick Stevens. “We’ve talked about renewing that series and doing a home-and-home series.”

The “problem” is that coaches determine the schedule, not their athletic directors. It was inappropriate for Anderson to suggest otherwise and drag in Reed, who quickly backed away.

Now Anderson has big-footed the process again, instead of allowing Turgeon and Thompson time to feel each other out and perhaps work something out.

“I hope there’s a game between us in the future when we get a little bit better, and I think it would be great for everybody,” Turgeon said Monday. “John Thompson and I have to be on the same page for that to happen, and that’s really what’s most important.”

Anderson didn’t make Turgeon’s job any easier by trying to bully Thompson into the series. If anything, the pressure tactic might make Thompson more reluctant to agree, not wanting to reward such antics.

If that’s childish behavior, Anderson started it.