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But you can’t pay too much for a great quarterback — right? That maxim figures to be put to the test in the months ahead, as the draft draws near and Griffin’s stock continues to rise. It shapes up as the most fascinating Redskins offseason since the dawn of free agency, what with Peyton Manning, RG3 and Matt Flynn on the list of possibilities.

Peyton, if healthy, makes the most short-term sense, and Flynn, who has started only two games, is intriguingly mysterious. (Or is it “mysteriously intriguing”? I can’t decide.) But the more I see of Griffin, the more I’m convinced: This is the guy who could change everything for the Redskins. This is the guy who could put the “party” in the party decks. He isn’t going to come cheap, though. And how much of the future do you dare mortgage to get your quarterback of tomorrow?