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“At the moment, I think the Democrats are winning the other arguments because their positions are resonating with a significant portion of the population,” Mr. Holsworth said.

Tim Kaine, the top Democratic candidate in the tight race for a Senate seat in Virginia, also criticized the social issues that Republicans have pushed in the General Assembly this year.

“What were seeing in Richmond now is not what Virginians expect from their leaders,” he said during a conference call with reporters. “What’s happening in Richmond right now is bad for Virginia women. It’s bad for Virginia’s image, and it’s bad for Virginia’s businesses.”

Delegate Robert G. Marshall, Prince William Republican and sponsor of the failed personhood amendment, is also running for the Senate seat, left open by retiring Democratic Sen. Jim Webb. Republican George Allen, the GOP front-runner, has come out in favor of the measure and said he supports federal personhood legislation.

Mr. Kaine, who has spent time recently holding economic roundtable discussions across the state, also said business owners are tired of partisan games and distractions, which is what Republicans are charging Senate Democrats with in blocking passage of the state budget.

“The most important issue that the General Assembly will deal with this year is the adoption of the state budget, and everything else we do will pale, quite frankly, in comparison to the adoption of the state budget,” Mr. Bolling said. “I would suggest that what [Democrats] have done is horrible policy. It’s probably worse politics because this is not what the people of Virginia” want.

Mr. Holsworth said Democrats will have difficulty sustaining the unity they have demonstrated thus far in the budget fight.

“They have to worry about potentially squandering some of the [momentum] that theyve gained over the past week,” he said.