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Lastly, consider this: Why should Shanahan worry about mortgaging the Redskins‘ future for Griffin when there’s no guarantee he’d be around to see the future if he doesn’t solve the quarterback problem?

Coaching the Redskins is Shanahan’s shot at solidifying his Hall of Fame candidacy and propelling his son Kyle, Washington’s offensive coordinator, to the head coaching ranks. After only 11 wins in his first 32 games, Year 3 of his five-year contract is going to be a pressure cooker the likes of which D.C. hasn’t seen since Snyder tried to buy a title in 2000.

For as much as Shanahan preaches the value of a quarterback’s supporting cast, he knows he can’t achieve his goals here without a quarterback that makes the players around him better. So if Shanahan believes in Griffin the way scouts, other coaches and analysts do, his decision to trade up for RG3 should be easy.